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I’m the #1 PM Blogger!

The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) held their educational conference this week and hosted a “Battle of the Product Management Bloggers” contest which I was happy to be asked to take part in.  At short notice my travel plans changed and when I let them know I couldn’t make it, they invited me to do my presentation remotely over Skype.

Trying to be entertaining without being able to see or hear the audience is goofy!  People walking past my office would have seen me flapping my arms “presenting” at my computer and likely thought I’d done one too many revisions on that Powerpoint deck and finally lost my marbles.

The competitors were clearly better than me so I decided to use my product marketing skills to come up with a winning strategy that did not depend on having a superior product. My strategy can be summed up as follows:

  • Deliver silly presentation.
  • Ask people to vote for me.

Surprisingly, that worked.

So I’m the #1 PM blogger!  The power! The glory! The prizes!  I won a bunch of cool stuff including a “top of Alltop” from Guy Kawasaki, an interview with The Brand Show, an interview with Wayne Hurlburt on Blog Talk Radio, a copy of the Product Management Office Professional from the 280 group, a copy of Morae from TechSmith, a lifetime membership with the AIPMM and some cool swag from MarketeersClub, Overtone, and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting.

The last prize was a catered holiday dinner for 8 people from the Fairmont San Jose!  Woo Hoo!  I’ve got big plans for that one, which I will blog about soon…..

Ethan Henry from On Product Management was the runner up, followed by Tom Grant of The Heretech, and Ivan Chalif of The Productologist and Ivan Lybbert of My Product Management Opinion.  Rounding out the field were: Brian Lawley of Product Management 2.0, Michael Ray Hopkin from Lead on Purpose, Alison Charter-Smith of The Innovation Jam, Marsha Shenk of Thriving Enterprise, Gavin Johnston of The Brand Show, and all the way from Australia – Janey Wong of Brainmates.  Rich Mironov of Product Bytes was our charming moderator.  If you don’t read these blogs already you should.  There is also a Twitter group to follow the whole crew on Twitter at http://twitter.com/aipmm/battle-of-the-bloggers

A big thank-you to folks that voted, in particular the awesome Julie Fogg who literally chased people down and made them vote for me, as well as the members of the Castiles networking group who have endured my surprisingly frequent (uh, ok, surprising to me) requests for their support.

Just for fun, here’s the deck I used. Yep, I actually won with this thing.



  1. I wish everyone could have seen your presentation April. Even over Skype, it was perfectly executed! More importantly, very deserved.
    It was too bad you weren’t there. I “modified” pictures of the other contestants (including yours). I guess I’ll just have to hang on to those and use them for leverage out at the perfect moment! 🙂
    Again, congrats!

  2. Congratulations! I appreciate your insights and loved your presentation. Best wishes from a Cranky Marketer (not really, but…).


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