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See me, hear me (in video and podcasts)

I like doing podcasts because people can’t see me flapping my hands around when I get excited so when the Donovan Group asked me to do their Tweep in Profile podcast I was quick to say yes.  Here’s the description of the session:

Donovan Group Inc. (DGI), a multimedia communications company, released the fourth installment of its “Tweep in Profile” audio podcast highlighting members of the Twitter Community.   This month, DGI profiles April Dunford (@aprildunford) Vice-President of Marketing at Solarsoft, which provides manufacturing intelligence and ERP solutions to mid-market manufacturers.

“In this segment April offers Social Media tactics, personal experience tie-ins and predictions for 2011”, says Andy Donovan, president, Donovan Group Inc.  “After following her for several months and learning from her posts, I am absolutely thrilled to have April on the program to round out 2010”, adds Donovan.

He’s thrilled! I’m thrilled! How thrilling!!  Click here to have a listen to my awe-inspiring Canadian accent and access the past episodes of their Tweep in Profile series.

Communitech’s Entrepreneur Week Videos

Also, if you just can’t get enough of that hand-flapping goodness, here’s a video of me doing my thing at last month’s Communitech’s Entrepreneur Week.  You can also view video of the other sessions.  If you are a startup looking for some good advice, this is a great set of videos to watch.

MarketingProf’s Content Marketing Crash Course

Lastly in the “upcoming” category, I will be one of the presenters for the MarketingProfs Content Marketing Crash Course.  My topic is one of my all time favorites, Storytelling for Business.  I’m in amazing company in this course – other presenters include Brian Solis, C. C. Chapman, Jay Baer, Ardath Albee, Joe Pulizzi and others.  It’s a who’s who of content marketing folks and in my opinion well worth the $595 price tag for 17 on-demand classes (how I got in there is anyone’s guess). Click here to learn more.



  1. April, you were fabulous on the Tweep in Profile podcast. AND — did you know that the BEST way to convey passion on a podcast is to use your hands? It’s true. So, stick with your natural instincts. 😉


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