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Obviously Awesome – a product positioning process and template

Obviously Awesome: a product positioning exercise Scroll down for a template — but I recommend you read the post before you try to use it. I’ve been a marketing executive at a half dozen successful startups and I’ve been a consultant and advisor to dozens more. I’ve also worked with a handful of massive global companies. If …

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Marketing Speaker April Dunford

Leaky Buckets, Death Stink and True Love

The past 8 months has been a whirlwind of action for me. In October I acquired Sprintly – an agile project management tool for startups, along with the original founder, Joe Stump. It’s been an incredible experience so far and definitely the most fun project I have worked on in my career yet. As part of getting Sprintly re-started, I’ve been out doing some talks and podcasts about my experience in running the business so far and I thought I should share those here for folks that have been wondering what’s new.

Different, Better – We’re Writing a Guide to Practical Positioning

Anyone that knows me knows that Positioning is one of my favourite marketing topics. For startups in particular, figuring out how to define a unique piece of the market that you can claim and dominate is really important. Today I’m announcing that Alistair Croll and I are working on a book – Different, Better – A Practical Guide to Superb Positioning in Noisy Markets.

B2B Startup Buyer's Guide

Your B2B Startup Needs a Buyer’s Guide

One of the big differences between selling to businesses vs selling to consumers is the buying process. Most Consumer products are lower priced and purchased quickly because if you make a poor choice, you aren’t out much more than beer money. In B2B not only is there more money on the line, buyers often have to justify a purchase to their boss. A poor choice can cost the company big dollars and (often more importantly) damage the buyer’s reputation.
This is precisely why a Buyer’s Guide is such a powerful piece of marketing content. It is designed specifically to meed the needs of a prospect that has been tasked with making a purchase decision. It’s a piece of marketing content aimed directly at the hottest prospects in your pipeline.