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Please take my Free for Free (really)

I’m back from my vacation and now that I’ve read the Chris Anderson book I can say that I thought there were some interesting examples in there but it just didn’t really come together for me as a book.  There are a lot of things about “free”-based revenue models that I’d like to see discussed in more depth.  I think my opinion of the book was also tainted by the fact that I read Dan Ariely’s book Predictably Irrational immediately after it.  Dan’s book touches on many of the same topics from a behavioral economist’s point of view and dives into the research behind why people behave the way they do when things are free that resonated more with me.  I’m working on a couple of blog posts dealing with Ariely’s book because I think there are some really important ideas there for marketers.

I’m not a book reviewer though so you should read the book and figure out for yourself what you think of it.  In fact, I’ll make it easy for you.  Because I’m still miffed that I couldn’t get the book for free after hearing over and over again that it would be available for free electronically I’m donating my copy to the first person who comments below.  It will even come wrapped in a FREE copy of the Globe and Mail’s sports section and I’ll send it to you for FREE, no strings attached.  Because friends, around here, free means FREE.



  1. Len – you are the winner!!! Go out and buy yourself a lottery ticket because today is your lucky day! I will drop you a note to your email address to get your mailing address.

  2. I just finished Free recently as well but enjoyed it. I have Predictably Irrational sitting on my coffee table for once I finish the Paradox of Choice (which is great might I add).
    I am definitely looking forward to Predictably Irrational.


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