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Startup Marketing 101

I had a great time this morning at Communitech’s Entrepreneur Week.  It was a packed house and the 2 sessions I got to sit in on (one about why startups fail and the other about how to partner with larger companies) were really great sessions.  I got to give a talk on startup Marketing called Startup Marketing 101 which was a ton of fun.

Thanks again to the folks at Communitech for having me and also for giving me a tour of their amazing new facility.  I’m really amazed at the cool stuff that’s happening in Waterloo for startups right now.  I’d love to spend more time out there.

Here are my slides for the talk.

Entrepreneur week startup marketing 101

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  1. April,
    I really enjoyed your talk today. The slides don’t do it justice, the stories from the trenches were the best part. Thanks for coming to Waterloo to do it.

  2. Hey April, I wasn’t at your talk today (went to Waterloo, graduated in 2008, now living in Toronto) but I loved your slides!

    I come from the content marketing / info product world and am now entering the tech startup scene with my first software app. Looooved your advice, just wanted to thank you for putting it up here. It reinforces what I’m doing, and reminded me of a few key points I hadn’t addressed!

  3. What do you do?

    The message should fit in the back of a business card per a partner at Sequoia Capital.

    example: Cisco – We network networks

    fyi – Sequoia funded Cisco.


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