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Startup Marketing Workshop

I’m an advisor to a startup in Toronto called HackerYou that provides hands-on project based learning for folks in the startup community. They asked me if I wanted to run a Startup Marketing workshop and I happily jumped at the opportunity. It’s happening in Toronto on Saturday and there are still spots available. The cost is basically free (OK, it’s $50 but we do have costs to cover and for 6 hours of crunchy marketing goodness it doesn’t get cheaper than that). Here’s what I’m planning on covering in the workshop:

  • How to get started in building the basic structure of a marketing plan and why planning is important
  • How to asses your who your best target customers are and what you need to know about them to effectively market to them
  • How to develop a value proposition and messaging around your offering
  • How to assess your customer’s buying process in order to optimize it
  • How to choose a starting set of marketing tactics to build and fill your marketing funnel
  • How to measure the results of your marketing activities so you can analyze and improve your programs

I’m going to use a set of templates that we will work through together so come prepared to work on your plan for your business. This is going to be a highly interactive session so I also expect you to bring your thorniest marketing problems and we will set aside time for group discussion and working through specific examples.  I’m NOT planning on doing a deep dive on how to blog/do content marketing/market on Facebook/run advertising/do web events or any other of a host of specific marketing tactics (although I do have some pretty firm opinions on all of those things) – the goal of this workshop is to lay out a framework for a marketing plan that makes sense for YOUR business and how you can decide which tactics to focus on.

If that sounds interesting, you can register right here:

We are trying to keep the group small and spots are filling up quickly so if you are interested, do it now and see you on Saturday!

(Also, see that nifty on-page shopping widget I’ve got there? That’s from Shoplocket a startup I’m also an advisor for. If you sell stuff on the web you should check them out)



    • lol, yep, it’s a deal alright 🙂
      I haven’t decided what to do with the materials just yet. Some of the worksheets I will use I’ve already shared here (the customer worksheet for example) but there will be a couple of new ones. I’ll be blogging most of it to start with and then probably package up the whole thing as good as I can and make it available somewhere. Stay tuned.


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