ProductCamp NYC

On Saturday July 18th I’m going to be at ProductCamp New York and so should you.

I moved back to Toronto after spending a few years in manhattan in 2006.  When I lived in New York I was really surprised at how few tech community events there were (especially when I compared it with Toronto, where literally I can find a geeky event every single night of the week if I’m looking for one).  It’s been a few years so I’m sure things have changed but I’m looking forward to this event because it’s exactly the sort of thing I was always looking for when I lived there.

The great thing about the un-conference style of event is that the attendees get to set the agenda.  I’d like to lead a product marketing discussion and have a handful of topics I am thinking about including:

  • Why product marketers should be on Twitter
  • Startup product marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Segmentation – how to get started and get concensus
  • Storytelling in product marketing – ways to use stories to bring your value propositions to life
  • How to engage customers and prospects using social media

What do you think would make a good topic?  Leave me your ideas in the comments, or if you’re shy, click on link below and let me know what you really think (it’s totally anonymous).

Click here to vote on a topic or propose a new one.

If you live in or around new york make sure you come to this event and when you do, make sure you say hi to me.


Here’s what I’ve heard from the poll so far (you guys are awesome!):

  1. Storytelling in product marketing – ways to use stories to bring your value propositions to life
  2. Best practices for pricing analysis and risk assessments
  3. Why do North American’s believe that a worldwide market is bounded by The Atlantic (on the East) and The Pacific (on the West)?
  4. How and why on buyer personas? More on the how.
  5. 5 startup marketing mistake to avoid
  6. April, the topic of 5 Startup mistakes to avoid is a timely topic. Go for it!
  7. 5 mistakes to avoid – great!
  8. Importance of “creativity” in PM for start-ups, esp. for cutting through the clutter.
  9. “whole product’ marketing for startups.
  10. Finding, keeping good PM people
  11. Why great products get beat by good products with great marketing?

14 thoughts on “ProductCamp NYC”

  1. Stewart Rogers

    I’ll be there too. There is talk of some people getting together on the Friday night. And I am staying through until Sunday.

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  8. Hi April
    the last two topics would be interesting for me, as they complement the topics on my blog

  9. Hey that’s awesome. I will likely fly in later on Friday night or Saturday but will be there through the weekend for sure.
    Looking forward to catching up with the gang!

  10. Yep, I’m planning on getting down there as well for a couple of days. We’ll see how my scheduled shakes out, but it should be a blast – lots of great PMs will be there for sure.

  11. Carole-Ann Matignon

    Any plans for another one of those on the West Coast? Bay are would be lovely!

  12. Hi,
    The current schedule is here:
    The equivalent event in the valley is P-Camp (glad I’m not responsible for naming that one ;-)and they just had one in March, details here:
    The Pragmatic Marketing folks are usually heavily involved in these so I would pester them about plans for the next one and/or make sure you are plugged into the SVPA which was also involved in the last one by the looks of it.

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