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How To Tell If You’re Shadowbanned On Social Media

The availability of the internet has changed our lifestyle drastically. We, youngsters, can’t even think a single minute without social media. Whatever we do, it has to be posted on Facebook or Instagram regularly so that we could reach more people or get famous. In fact, people also download social media content. The irony is the entire rising generation has sunk into the cyber world. Just imagine a day without the internet! So frustrating, right? 

Similarly, we get dependent upon social media day by day, and suppose one day you noticed that your post or activity does not seem to be showing up at all. What will you do? Don’t freak out. It is normal. Every website suffers from that kind of issue sometimes. What is the reason behind this? Yes, server problems are one of the causes, but another thing is you might have been Shadowbanned, formerly known as Ghost banned. Profiles that are shadowbanned mean that these accounts are kept in the unseen mode.

In this post, we will get to know every detail related to Shadowbanning and how you can tell others if it would happen with your account. So, without ado, let’s dive into it.

What is Shadowbanning?

Shadowbanning can be defined as a situation when your activity does not show up on the site, but at the same time, you haven’t been notified. It is a tricky way that let the spammers continue to spam without bothering as it is not seen by anybody. It may sound a little peculiar, but it happens sometimes.

However, if your account is shadowbanned accidentally or intentionally, the outcome is the same. Nobody can see your updates. Several times we mistakenly call it a ‘Server down.’ But something beyond our concept happens. Most users don’t become aware of anything about it. This post will help them to identify if their account is shadowbanned or not.

Social Sites that shadowban

There are umpteen numbers of sites that shadowban. It is hardly possible to provide a full list. However, shadowbanning has been reported prior on some popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok, among many other sites.

Generally, four types of shadowbanning have been reported before. What are they?

  • Massive fall in follower engagement.
  • A username is not showing up in the search bar.
  • Certain features, e.g., buttons or comment sections, have been blocked.
  • A short-term block that will be reverted back to normal within a few whiles.

As we all know, Tiktok has been banned, so let’s not talk about it. We will discuss the rest of the sites and will get to know how to tell if we are being shadowbanned on these particular sites.

How to fix if you are shadowbanned on Instagram?

On Instagram, a shadowban means your Instagram posts will be shown by only your followers. Shadowbanning acts as an obstacle in the way of growing your account.

Spam contents, abusive posts, or irrelevant ideas may cause shadowbanning.

How to avoid getting shadowbanned?

  • Don’t use already banned hashtags.
  • Try to avoid that software that violates Instagram policy.
  • Don’t do something inappropriate so that other users block you.
  • Report a problem immediately if you think you are shadowbanned.
  • Switch from a public account to a private one.

How to fix it if you are shadowbanned on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most used social media for so long, even before Instagram. Millions of people use Facebook and messenger to stay connected globally. But like all other social sites, sometimes certain features such as buttons are stopped working, and then we get irritated and blame our network. Apart from the network issue, there is a problem, shadowbanning. Yes, our profile has been shadowbanned.

Now how to fix this problem?

  • Let Facebook know your problem. Report a problem.
  • Don’t share spam kinds of stuff.
  • Don’t let people block you.
  • Avoid controversies.

How to tell people if you are shadowbanned?

It is an utterly disgusting feeling if you work hard to reach more audience, but shadowbanning hinders you. If you are shadowbanned on Instagram, several sites can test it. Triberr is one of the websites which can analyze the issue. Last but not the least, all you need is to find the root of the issue so that you can resolve it.


The term, Shadowban is not new. Since 2016, people are suffering from getting shadowbanned. Social media has given not only a zone of entertainment but a platform where we could find a new version of ourselves.

On the other hand, nothing is perfect. Perfection is a myth. It is needless to tell every social platform has some drawbacks. You cannot ignore them, but you need to resolve them. Shadowbanning is something like that. If a problem arises, there must be a solution. Is it not? In this post, we tried to jot down as much as possible to overcome such issues. Hopefully, these will work and give you a smooth social life. Keep exploring.



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