Blackberry vs. iPhone on CBC’s The National

Last week I got a call from the folks at CBC’s The National asking if I would like to chat about my Blackberry on a Blackberry vs. iPhone debate.  I’m a long time Blackberry fan but my initial inclination was to turn them down mainly because I know how raving mad iPhone folks are and I wasn’t sure I was willing to be an Apple fan punching bag for a company I don’t even work for.  In the end I decided to do it because I really do love my Blackberry and hey, how often do you get to blab on national TV about something you like? I’m expecting the folks at RIM to send me a new Torch any day now 😉

I also got to put a check mark beside the item: “Say the word fart on Canadian national television” on my bucket list.

Here’s the clip:

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