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Startup Marketing Podcast

I did a podcast interview with Michael Hopkins over at the Product Management Pulse.  We had a great conversation that covered the following topics:

  • The secret to my amazing AIPMM #1 PM Blogger success!
  • How is product management/product marketing/marketing communications different at a startup different from a large company?
  • The three different stages of a startup (pre-product, working with early adopters and scale) and how marketing and product management work across those stages.
  • When does it make sense for a startup to bring in a head of marketing or product management?
  • What is the biggest marketing challenge that startups face?
  • When is the best time for a startup to try to raise money and what are the funding sources out there today?
  • How is social media changing product management and product marketing?
  • The opportunities and challenges that come with the increasing adoption of social media.

Click over here and have a listen!

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  1. Great interview! Question:Are you going to post more about PMs can learn about social media and content creation? I’m getting more into that every day.

  2. Hi April,
    Thanks for joining me on the Product Management Pulse. We discussed important topics that are valuable for product marketers and managers. I highly recommend your readers take a listen.


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