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Vote for this SXSW Content Marketing Panel

Last year I attended South by Southwest Interactive and while I did attend a lot of great sessions I wished there had been an advanced session on Content Marketing.  In particular I wanted to see a session focused on using Content in a much more strategic, long-term way.  I’m interested in how companies can use content not just tactically to drive awareness and traffic, but also in a systematic way to drive leads through a sales cycle from awareness, though the different phases of evaluation and selection through to closing sales.  

I decided to gather 4 of the smartest Content Marketing folks I could think of together and submitted the panel that I would have liked to have seen last time around.  Amazingly, they all agreed.  Here’s the lineup:

Jay Baer – Social Media Strategy consultant and the author of the Convince and Convert blog.
Valeria Maltoni – Director of Strategy at Powered Inc. And author of the Conversation Agent blog.
David Meerman Scott – Author of several books including the marketing classic The New Rules of Marketing and PR and the author of the Web Ink Now blog.
Joe Pulizzi – founder of Junta 42 and The Content Marketing Institute, and author of Get Content, Get Customers.

If you’d like to hear what these folks have to say as much as I would, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THIS SESSION.  You’ll need to register to give it the thumbs up (it’s painless, trust me) and feel free to leave a comment over there that might encourage other folks to vote too.  Thanks so much!!



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